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art and design colleges and schools(5) art retreats and courses(1) certification(4) colleges and universities(22)
construction courses(3) dictionaries(5) distance learning and online(37) driving schools(12)
editing services(0) encyclopaedias(0) financial aid(7) flags(0)
geography(1) home schooling(3) knots(0) knowledge management(1)
language schools(25) languages(17) law and legal education(0) learning aids(5)
libraries(0) maps(1) news and media(9) quotations(5)
quotes(1) reunions and alumni(0) scholarly societies(3) schools(12)
studying abroad(2) subjects(6) tutoring(8) workshops for children(2)

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1. Informative-Works
E-zine with analysis and opinion columns focusing on ne...
[ http://www.informative-works.info ]

2. GIS Mapping Software
Use interactive GIS mapping services to show a visual representation of statistics over different geographic areas. Learn how crime rates vary by city see a mapped real estate a...
[ http://www.policymap.com ]

3. Schools Search
A directory of schools in the UK that is searchable by type post...
[ http://www.schools-search.co.uk/ ]

4. Global Tesol
Courses and certification for those teaching English as a second language and those teachi...
[ http://www.globaltesol.com/ ]

5. English Language (ESL) Learning Resources - UsingE
ESL (English as a Second Language) resources to learn the English language for students and teachers with grammar glossary and language reference area forums articl...
[ http://www.usingenglish.com/ ]

6. Phrase Finder
Free access to the meanings and origins of thousands of English phrases. Useful for anyone learning English or who just wants to find out what a particular phra...
[ http://www.phrases.org.uk ]

7. Bodine Training Games
Game Show Presenter software and other training games can be customized for any subject. These learning games are suitable for trainers educato...
[ http://www.almorale.com ]

8. Access Mba
Provides advices to find MBA programs and schools. Also offers private interviews and information abo...
[ http://www.accessmba.com ]

9. The Felt Source Flannel Board Lesson Sets
A complete selection of educational felts flannelboards and The Bible in Felt. Perfect for early learners in the classroom home school church or...
[ http://www.thefeltsource.com ]

10. Southwest Florida College
This Florida career college offers many career programs in the fields of business legal medical computers graphic design and early childhood educatio...
[ http://www.swfc.edu ]

11. Liberty University
Offering christian education with over 140 exceptional undergraduate and graduate programs on its central Virgini...
[ http://www.liberty.edu/ ]

12. Universpain
Learn Spanish with Spanish courses in Salamanca and Santander. Family and students flat accommodation. Courses from 2 to 6 hours per da...
[ http://universpain.com ]

13. Academy of Art University San Francisco
The Academy of Art University is a private proprietary institution of higher education offering professional study at the undergraduate and grad...
[ http://www.academyart.edu ]

14. Swandean School of English
Offers courses in English to foreign students at schools in Worthing and Wimbledon London. Courses are accredited by the...
[ http://www.swandean.co.uk/ ]

15. Roehampton University
A London based university offering undergraduate postgraduate and MBA Courses in a variety of fields including computing sports sci...
[ http://www.roehampton.ac.uk ]

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